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Heidi Bjork is an Icelandic author and illustrator of children’s books.

Heidi’s first children’s book “Lalli og litakastalinn” was published in 2012 in her home country of Iceland.

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Published Children’s Books


Lalli og litakastalinn1

Charlie & The Color Castle


Lalli og litakastalinn (2013)



Publisher: Salka.is











Latest News

Article on Hun.is About My Children’s Book

My children’s book Lalli og litakastalinn ( Charlie and the Color Castle) has been featured on Hun.is, the Icelandic online media site. They really like my book and there are many photos in the article. So if you can’t read Icelandic you can always look at... read more

Working On New Children’s Books

The summer is a great time for fresh ideas. After all the exhibitions this year I have been using this quiet time to work on new children’s books. I’m very happy with the result so far. This year I have been full of new ideas & now is right the time to... read more

Children’s Illustrations by Heidi Bjork

My first children’s book is coming out this autumn, people have been liking my illustrations & I have decided to give them more of my time. It’s lovely to illustrate  & write for children, I’ve been enjoying the making of my new characters.... read more


“Þetta vilja börnin sjá!”

“That’s what the children like to see!”

Iceland 2014

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