Lenovo Chronicles Heidi Chronicles Open Your Eyes GROUP

Hello my friends and followers,

Here is the final video recap/overview of the Lenovo Chronicles  Open Your Eyes Project that I worked on with Pauli Bates and Carlos Burgos. #lenovo #heidichronicles

I love the outcome, it was a pleasure to be a part of such an amazing project.

Lenovo Chronicles Heidi Chronicles Open Your Eyes Heidi Bjork

Thanks once again for all of your feedback, comments and engagement over the 4 weeks!

Hope you will enjoy the video, check it out below :)

More about the project here

Over and out

Heidi :)


The Twitter Art Exhibit 2014 in Orlando Is Now On!

by Heidi Bjork on March 24, 2014

Twitter Art Exhibit Heidi Bjork

#twitterartexhibit is held in Orlando in March 20 to April 11, 2014

Here are my postcards “Welcome Home“ and “Sweet Dreams“

Twitter Art Exhibit: Orlando is the fourth installment of an open international exhibition of handmade postcard art for charity, donated by hundreds of participating artists from around the globe.

Twitter Art Exhibit: Orlando is an international exhibition of original postcard art benefiting The Center for Contemporary Dance, Special Needs Classes, a nonprofit (501)©3 organization dedicated to dance education and outreach. The Special Needs Classes include customized exercises that expand the student’s range of motion, creativity and social skills. Class work is further designed to enhance skills in memorization, problem solving and communication.

While the first two exhibitions were held in Moss, Norway, the third installment held in Los Angeles marked the global launch for the concept by founder David Sandum, a Swedish-born artist who conceived Twitter Art Exhibit as a vehicle for doing good through social media and online community-building.

The idea is simple: artists around the globe receive a call through Twitter social media to create original postcard-sized art, which they mail to a local curator, who then exhibits and sells them to benefit a local charity. Artists must have a Twitter account and interact with exhibition organizers to participate, and help seed the event.

Website: www.twitterartexhibit.org

Twitter: @twitrartexhibit

Facebook: /twitterartexhibit

Over and Out!

Heidi x


I’m very pleased that my Ebooks are doing really well on Kobo :)

the story of mrs windy

The Story Of Mrs Windy is now #5 in Kids & Teens, Comics, Graphic Novels & Manga

Albert Webster's Nosy Neighbors Prank Guide Heidi Bjork

Albert Webster’s Nosy Neighbour Prank Guide is now #14 in Kids & Teens, Comics, Graphic Novels & Manga


Moon and Stars

by Heidi Bjork on February 25, 2014

Moon and Stars Heidi Bjork

Moon and Stars on Fine Art America


Lenovo + Heidi Bjork Chronicles

Hi everyone,

It’s now week 4 in Lenovo + Heidi Bjork Chronicles. #lenovo #heidichronicles

It has been amazing experience to work with such talented artists as Carlos Burgos and Pauli Bates on my theme “Open Your Eyes”

The outcome is very beautiful and poetic :)

The Lenovo team has been great to work with and their products are brilliant!

Thank you all for following us in our creative process and I am very pleased to reveal the winner of the Touch PC is Berglind Sigurjónsdóttir

Congratulations on your new Lenovo PC :D

Over and Out

Heidi Bjork

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