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Lalli og litakastalinn1

Lalli og litakastalinn

(Charlie & The Color Castle)


Publisher: Salka.is (2013)




(Illustrated Icelandic Alphabet)


Publisher: Skrudda.is (2015)

Halló Hanna hunangsfluga

(Hello Little Bee)


Publisher: Skrudda.is (2015)

Halló Frikki fiðrildi

(Hello Little Butterfly)


Publisher: Skrudda.is (2015)

Halló Ási

(Hello Little Worm)


Publisher: Skrudda.is (2015)

Halló Kata könguló

(Hello Little Spider)


Publisher: Skrudda.is (2015)

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Latest News

Catching Up With My Children´s Book – On Tour In Iceland

I just found my Children’s book Charlie and the Color Castle (Lalli og Litakastalinn) on tour in Iceland 😉 The exhibition “That’s What The Children Like To See” is touring Iceland. It’s a great exhibition for children. They can view the illustrations, flick through and read the books at the same time. I really loved this exhibition, so many great children’s books to look at Best wishes from Iceland Heidi... read more

“Þetta vilja börnin sjá!” Icelandic Exhibition in Reykjavik (That’s what the children like to see!)

The illustrations from my children’s book Lalli og litakastalinn (Charlie and the Color Castle) will be shown in an exhibition of illustrations of Icelandic children and teen’s books published in 2012. The exhibition “Þetta vilja börnin sjá!” (That’s what the children like to see!) will be held in Gerðuberg Reykjavik, Iceland from January  27th – March 24th 2013 and it will be touring Iceland for approximately 1 year. This is a great exhibition for children. They can view the illustrations and flick through the books at the same time At the opening 27th of January one of the illustrators will receive the Icelandic illustration prize, this is known as the Dimmalimm prize. I will later have some photos to show you Over & Out Heidi Bjork... read more

Lalli og litakastalinn (Charlie and the Color Castle) Preschool Reading

I’ve been in Iceland following the publication of my first children’s book Lalli og litakastalinn (Charlie and the Color Castle), here I am reading to preschool children I’ve had such a great time. Santa Claus took time out from his busy Christmas schedule to help me deliver my book to lucky winners who won the book in a Facebook competition. Here is the Facebook page and more photos May the new year be magical for all of you 😉 Ho ho ho xxx Heidi... read more

Article on Hun.is About My Children’s Book

My children’s book Lalli og litakastalinn ( Charlie and the Color Castle) has been featured on Hun.is, the Icelandic online media site. They really like my book and there are many photos in the article. So if you can’t read Icelandic you can always look at the photos 😉 Here is the link to the article on Hun.is I’m very pleased about all the positive reaction my book has got since it was published Over & out Heidi Bjork... read more

Interview about my new book & art in the newspaper

This nice interview was published today in one of the newspapers in Iceland. I’m really happy with it as it shows my artwork & I also talk about my new children’s book Here is the link, DV Fokus for those who don’t understand icelandic there is always google translator 😉 Working on lots of new exciting projects, will keep you informed…. Over & out Heidi... read more

Lalli og litakastalinn (Charlie and the Color Castle) is out!

My first children’s book will be available in book stores in Iceland this week This is my first step with the book as I’m looking to get it published in the UK & worldwide in the future. Charlie wants to learn about the colors & how to count to 10. At the same time he learns about colorful animals & healthy snacks. This is a beautiful & colorful educational book for young children. It can sometimes be an adventure to learn something new about the environment. A part of the proceeds from sales of the book will go to support Individual children in Iceland. This is the Facebook page link    ... read more

A Little Sneak Peek into My New Children’s Book

Just a few more days until my first children’s book will be ready to hit the book-store shelves This is a little sneak peek, just a tiny little part of the cover…. I have been working with a great team of people at the publishers office for the last days, it’s amazing to see your artwork turn into a cute little book. I’m feeling like a child at Christmas 😉 Heidi Bjork... read more

Working On New Children’s Books

The summer is a great time for fresh ideas. After all the exhibitions this year I have been using this quiet time to work on new children’s books. I’m very happy with the result so far. This year I have been full of new ideas & now is right the time to get them down on paper 😉 Wishing you all lots of sunshine... read more

Children’s Illustrations by Heidi Bjork

My first children’s book is coming out this autumn, people have been liking my illustrations & I have decided to give them more of my time. It’s lovely to illustrate  & write for children, I’ve been enjoying the making of my new characters. It will be great to mix colourful illustrations with my black & white paintings. The first ones will be here on the blog soon & they will be for sale at The Art Gallery. This is the beauty with art, you never know where it will lead you 😉 I have also started on new children’s books so there will be very busy times ahead & I’m working on getting my first book published in the UK, it will be published this autumn in Iceland. This summer will be full of creativity & sun All the best Heidi Bjork... read more

My First Children’s Book Will Be Published Soon!

I am over the moon! I’ve just found out that my first children’s book will be published soon… The book will be published in Icelandic but hopefully it will be published in English  in the future. I’ve always been really interested in writing & illustrating children’s books, so I hope this is just a beginning for me. Would love to make many more in the future, I’ve got so many new ideas! Will keep you updated my friends Heidi Bjork... read more

About Heidi

Heidi Bjork is an Icelandic author and illustrator of children’s books.

Heidi’s first children’s book “Lalli og litakastalinn” was published in 2012 in her home country of Iceland.


“Þetta vilja börnin sjá!”

“That’s what the children like to see!”

Iceland 2014

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