Children’s Illustrations by Heidi Bjork

by Heidi Bjork on May 24, 2012


My first children’s book is coming out this autumn, people have been liking my illustrations & I have decided to give them more of my time.

It’s lovely to illustrate  & write for children, I’ve been enjoying the making of my new characters.

It will be great to mix colourful illustrations with my black & white paintings. The first ones will be here on the blog soon & they will be for sale at The Art Gallery.

This is the beauty with art, you never know where it will lead you 😉

I have also started on new children’s books so there will be very busy times ahead & I’m working on getting my first book published in the UK, it will be published this autumn in Iceland.

This summer will be full of creativity & sun :)


All the best

Heidi Bjork


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