The Human Rights Exhibition 2012 part 2

by Heidi Bjork on August 22, 2012


The  Human Rights Exhibition 2012 is held in Italy.

It started in Lecce Castello di Acaya (28 april – 10 june 2012)

It now moves  to Trento Campana dei Caduti (1 september – 28 october 2012)

My painting “Right to life” will be shown at the exhibition.

I was also asked to provide some words on my subject (children), here are my thoughts…

Children of the world all have a right to life.
They all need clean water, nutricious food, healthcare, love, shelter, security & education.
Many children of this world do not have any option to enjoy these rights.
These rights are the very minimum they are entitled to.
We need to look after all the children of this world.  If we give them these rights then they will have hope.

I’m very pleased to take part in this great exhibition with artists from all over the world & I’m very proud to represent Iceland  :)

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