Who is Heidi Bjork?



Heidi Bjork was born in May 1975 in Reykjavik, Iceland & has been drawing & painting from an early age. Heidi studied design from 1998-2000.

She has been selling her art in Icelandic illustration magazines & also worked in a theatre on various design work. It’s only recently that Heidi has decided to focus on her art & paint passion, love & mystery. This autumn 2012, Heidi’s first children’s book will be published in Iceland, which she has written & illustrated.

In Heidi’s own words

“…painting and drawing is the best way for me to show my true feelings. My favorite subjects are passion, love, romance & mystery. I’m fascinated by these subjects, love has many faces, most of us can relate to these emotions in our own relationships. Many times I’ve been told that my artwork displays a raw energy. I like that. Iceland is a country full of raw energy, with hot springs & a very unique landscape.

I’m drawn to mysterious stories & characters. As a child I grew up with folk & fairy tales about ghosts, witchcraft & trolls. Some of these stories are both beautiful & haunting at the same time, I like people to experience these emotions in my work. Having grown up in Iceland with long dark winters, I found the darkness both inspiring & beautiful. I often use darkness in my work.”

Heidi’s art is featured in “International Contemporary Masters V

Her art has been exhibited at the Barcelona Showcase, an exhibition of contemporary art & photography located in Gaudi’s architectual jewel, the “Casa Batllo” in Barcelona & she’ll be exhibiting her art at the Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art in March 2012.

Heidi took part in the Human Rights Exhibition 2012 ( spazio tempo arte exhibition) held in Italy 2012, also the 2nd Twitter Art Exhibition held in Moss, Norway for charity #twitterartexhibit & exhibited her art at the Stratford Upon Avon Fringe which is a festival held 2 june – 10 june 2012. The 18th of june 2012 she exhibited her work on a big LED screen on Times Square in New York.

In january 2013  Heidi took part in the 3rd Twitter Art Exhibition held in Los Angeles for charity, she also took part in the exhibition “Þetta vilja börnin sjá!” (That’s what the children like to see!) in Iceland. Where the illustrations from her children’s book Lalli og litakastalinn (Charlie and the Color Castle) are shown in an exhibition of illustrations of Icelandic children and teen’s books published in 2012.